Books and FlowersHello to Writers!

Hi Everyone,

The time has come—yea, far gone—when I am wont to make a tough decision. Although happy and relieved, I must say, it had been difficult for a while to let go.

My side hustle has taken over my time more and more. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been busy—too busy to write most times—and this is the extreme case.

  • I can’t say I’m giving up writing, but my focus has turned more toward supporting and influencing new writers in their endeavors, as I also continue my second business.

  • My second business in the editing and broadcast world has become that I cannot build in time to complete a novel and feel good that I’m putting out quality work. My apology for that.

  • Aside from loving what I do—which is a big bonus, right?—these new businesses sustain me in the long run, more than writing, and I must pursue.

My work has diversified. That’s the long and the short of it. And I love it!

Please spread the word…and what’s the word? Ahhh… well, you’ll just have to find out next week.