About Rena


Hi, I’m Rena (as in Rayna), and I like to think I’m filling in the market for interracial Christian romance.

I don’t have a dog or a cat or kids to distract me like so many other writers. Nor do I live on a farm, though I do have a day job I enjoy!

Writing became a part of my life from a young age, and interracial topics have always been a factor from the beginning. Still, the desire to publish seriously started when I couldn’t find myself in the characters I read about in all those romance books I had to keep hidden under the bed–or in the closet, or wherever I believed my parents wouldn’t think to look.

This big city girl from a small town wrote to please the masses because that’s what good little girls do, no? But after a time, it became too dissatisfying not seeing my life reflected in the pages. I wanted to write whatever and wherever the characters took me. I wanted a multicultural world, a little mess in the mercy, and I wanted it from a Christian perspective. So what’s a good little girl to do? Oh, my…what possibilities.

I needed to keep business/commercial writing separate from my passion writing. Rena Manse is an anagram of my full names. Yes, still me, just another side. The slightly strange, interracial-infatuated, sigh dreamily at a good scene, side. Not a character or a role I play. I couldn’t have just any name. It had to be who I am. It had to be…me. Rena. The romance writer.

I hope you enjoy the ups and downs, sorrows and joys of these characters as much as I enjoy writing them. It’s an honor to share the love and quirks of the people who live inside my head– ;). See, I’m not crazy. (hahaha) But I am truly glad you’re able to make these characters a part of your day for the time you allow.

Adding color to your lives. Happy reading!


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