Aaron and Ashley II

THEN, THERE’S LOVE | Smashwords

Nurse, Ashley McKenny, is pleasantly surprised at the offer to stay at her patient’s home in The Hamptons. But she also harbors bitterness over the news of her mother getting terminated from her job. Taking the Hamptons assignment seems like the only way to help save her family’s finances.

But soon she discovers that the grandson of her patient is none other than the dominant and unnervingly attractive grim reaper of her mother’s career.

Aaron Gilyard, a.k.a. the Grim Reaper, is keeping destructive secrets, but only to protect his empire and the welfare of his grandmother. He never counted on a loose cannon unraveling everything he’s tried so diligently to hold together. Ashley, stubborn, interfering, God-fearing woman that she is, presents a threat to his entire plan. And strangely, the only hope.

It’s a love story gone wrong.

***ADVISORY: Not your typical Christian romance. Edgy romantic content***


NEVER LIKE THIS | Smashwords

If the boss can’t obey the rules…

Kavin Reigns is known to be a godly, influential exec who runs his family’s conglomerate with precision and integrity. But now forced to add a new member to his team, all the lines he’s drawn to safe-guard his company’s moral integrity—and his heart—begin to blur.

Being a lawyer and a businesswoman, Sherri Harbor still feels inadequate in so many ways. Her mother is a drunk; she’s barely peeking out from the shadows of an abusive relationship; and her connection with God, well, tenuously on the mend.

Self-forgiveness doesn’t come easy, but it’s what it will take for these two to look beyond mistakes of the past to recognize that God answers prayers; and, the desires of the heart.

Did they ever imagine they could experience such love and acceptance? Never like this. Never in a million years.

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THE REVEALING SERIES: Then, There’s Love / Never Like This

Enjoy Then, There’s Love and Never Like This together!


KEIR & MYAH | Smashwords

After her boyfriend left her high and dry carrying his child—to marry the other woman—nothing hurt more than her own father turning his back. Now guarded, Myah Blake put herself on a permanent man-hiatus. Protecting her heart, and that of her two-year-old son, comes first.

Keir Treasure doesn’t understand why he alone survived a fatal car crash, but the resulting fear of large vehicles, and the constant headaches his doctor insists aren’t there, leave him wondering if his business of operating an auto garage has finally come to an end.

When two lonely lives cross paths, they question if they can make it work. But Keir’s gentle yet firm ways speak to her jilted heart, and Myah’s touch somehow quietens the turmoil in his head.

Can falling for someone be so simple when past pains throw a wrench into the mix? Only God knows, but that’s the question of what happens with Keir and Myah.


A Crazy Little Winter Vacay


Just because something can go wrong, that doesn’t mean it should.

Jada Stanton and several other travelers are caught in the flash blizzard of the decade in the middle of Where, exactly? Montana.

Dr. Bretton Heathrow left behind a few bad memories to make his dream come true. Stranded motorists are the last thing he expects at dark-thirty in the morning. But one bright shining star may make the near-disaster a worthwhile inconvenience.

Like the blizzard, Jada Stanton is the one he never saw coming.

Circle of the Heart Cover


Love comes full circle…

Bren Harrington has her husband’s baby—alone—nine months after he died. For the past year and a half, she’s been preoccupied with doubts and suggestions of adoption, strange looks of a woman her age with child, and now caring for that child, that she’s forgotten what it’s like to just be an adult woman around adult men. Standing here with one of them who looks like he belongs in the pages of a magazine, isn’t the place to start.

With a lot of baggage and little time to waste, Cole Tyler moves from New York to Montauk, ready to establish his rank and authority. That doesn’t stop him from helping out the new mother next door. Being neighborly doesn’t have a price, and he won’t be around long enough to leave a lasting impression.

Bren’s nowhere near ready to date. Who buries her husband then falls for another man so quickly? Totally out of the question! She has a five-month-old to think about. Her newly awakened attraction will have to forget about Cole Tyler: rock solid, beautiful laugh, killer smile, generous attitude, funny…younger. Phffft. Exactly. Absolutely not going to happen.

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